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About us

Urbaser Nordic specialise in the collection and transportation of household waste. We are the leading player in the Nordic market, providing essential services to millions of people across four countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Our front line teams empty thousands of rubbish bins every day, transporting the waste within to its final destination safely and efficiently. Each member of our refuse collection team attends training within our ‘Waste Management School’ where they are kept up-to-date on the industries latest legal, professional and health and safety guidelines.

Our modern and highly recognisable fleet of refuse trucks delivers waste to a variety of destinations across the Nordic region, the most common being recycling plants or incinerators.

In the past, waste collection services were usually carried out by city staff. Today, the majority of municipalities purchase this service from specialised private businesses. Urbaser Nordic has tendered for many of these contracts and has gradually grown to be the largest supplier of waste collection and transportation services across the Nordic region.

Our role is to collect and transport waste for safe disposal. The household sorting, number of bins per home and final destination of waste is decided on by each individual municipality. In many cases, intermunicipal companies manage the processing of waste for a number of different municipalities.

Cardboard, plastic and paper is usually recycled or used for energy production, whilst other rubbish may be used in the production of biogas or compost. Waste that cannot be repurposed is usually incinerated.

By focusing our business efforts on a small but socially essential service, Urbaser Nordic has built up a deep understanding of the waste collection and transportation industry. From route planning to logistics and vehicle maintenance to advance driving skills we have the skills and resources to deliver services in all conditions.

Urbaser Nordic AS is a Norwegian-registered holding company. The majority shareholder is Urbaser SA. Urbaser has its head office in Madrid, operates in more than 20 countries, had a turnover in 2017 of approx. EUR 1.7 billion and has more than 40,000 employees. Find out more on the Urbaser website.

Company Fact Sheet

Group management and the board

Urbaser Nordic AS

Svein Tore Aurland

CEO and board member

  (+47) 419 00 019

Urbaser Nordic AS

Fernando Sogo Soto

Chairman of the board

Urbaser Nordic AS

Manuel Andrés Martinez

Board member

Urbaser Nordic AS

Santiago Alonso Herreros

Board member

Urbaser Nordic AS

Svein Sørensen

Board member

  (+47) 917 11 445